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KusoGaki [userpic]
Shindou Family Circumstances Chapter Two
by KusoGaki (teh_kusogaki)
at September 22nd, 2016 (04:43 am)

Finally getting around to posting the second chapter here...

The rest under here ^_^Collapse )

middernight [userpic]
Yuki Eiri with beard
by middernight (middernight)
at September 15th, 2016 (02:56 pm)

So, I don't know about you but ever since I've read "Shindou Family circumstances" I've been trying to wrap my mind around Yuki with a beard. We never really got a clear shot of him with it (at least not with visible eyes), so I decided to play around a little with photoshop. I added an image of Yuki's eyes from the hiyoko megamix and drew him a mouth.

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KusoGaki [userpic]
*watches tumbleweed blow by*
by KusoGaki (teh_kusogaki)
at July 13th, 2016 (10:29 pm)

Hey everybody ^_^

It's been pretty quiet around here, but hopefully this place isn't a complete ghost town, 'cause I got a few fun things to share.

First, if you haven't seen it already, is the cover for Megamix G Okami:

megamix okami

There was a small pic of it in the last post, but I found a larger version and thought y'all might like to see it. Isn't it just precious? Eiri's all dressed up fancy, ready to give a ring to Shuichi.

BTW, If you're looking for a way to get a copy for yourself, I recommend Otaku Repubic. Maybe a little bit pricey, but not the worst I've seen, and they ship internationally for free. (My copy's on it's way. Apparently it's in import customs now) I've never had any problems with them.

Also, I have a couple of translated things for you.

Like this picture that Murakami had on her site a few years back:

top12-07 english

Translation courtesy of sailorspazz

And finally these two comics that I thought finally needed a scanlation:

2jfyecg ENGLISH

2drz6ad ENGLISH

*webclap: It’s a button you can put on your website that allows visitors to say they like your site without actually having to leave a comment.

*AE: Adobe AfterEffects

Sorry the image quality may be a bit poor. The originals were so small I had to resize them a bit or the text wouldn't be readable or even fit.

The original translation: here.

Enjoy ^_^

Shippou-chan [userpic]
Megamix G Ōkami Release Date
by Shippou-chan (shippoudaemon)
at June 25th, 2016 (12:50 pm)

Murakami-sensei announced on her site that Megamix G Ōkami is in printing now, and will be released around 7/10/16!! She explains the work (and how it fits into the current Gravitation universe) by saying,
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馬鹿やろー女 // バカヤロー女 [userpic]
by 馬鹿やろー女 // バカヤロー女 (bakayaro_onna)
at February 9th, 2016 (11:28 am)

Now they say it is dangerous.


馬鹿やろー女 // バカヤロー女 [userpic]
by 馬鹿やろー女 // バカヤロー女 (bakayaro_onna)
at February 9th, 2016 (04:33 am)

Read this Tumblr entry, then report them following the instructions in the below post!


KusoGaki [userpic]
Chirimenjako Raws
by KusoGaki (teh_kusogaki)
at January 18th, 2016 (12:26 pm)

Aaaaand hello again ^_^

Sorry for posting so much lately I hope no one minds.

Anyway, I'll try to wait a little bit before I post next, but one more thing to share:

Japanese scans of Chirimenjako.

There have already been scans of it posted but I want higher quality ones to use for an eventual scanlation, so I rescanned it.

download link

Sample pages below if you wanna see what they look like. NSFW, of course.

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KusoGaki [userpic]
Shindou Family Circumstances Scanlation
by KusoGaki (teh_kusogaki)
at January 18th, 2016 (07:10 am)

Hello again ^_^

I'm Baaaaaack. This time with a little happier post:

The English scanlation of Shindou Family Circumstances.


Click for fullsize. The rest under the cut due to length.

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download link

Thanks for reading  ^_^

and thanks to sailorspazz for the translation.

If anyone is interested in helping us in future projects, Zero Talent Scanlations is recruting. Translators, cleaners, typsetters... basically all positions.

In addition to working on SFC, We'd like to scanlate the Megamixes that haven't been translated yet, all the remixes with higher quality scans and accurate translations (including the ones that have never been translated like 8.5 and 11), Ex vol 2, Murakami's precurser to Gravitation: Help, and even eventually branch out to Murakami's non-Gravitation Doujinshi.

Translators (since they're so hard to come by) get to pick their projects.

All other positions will be assigned projects based on need.

So if you're interested in getting into scanlating and have the abillity to translate, or are skilled in photoshop please PM me, or drop an ask at  the tumblr link above.

KusoGaki [userpic]
Megamix Gravitation Torokeru Pudding raw scans
by KusoGaki (teh_kusogaki)
at January 16th, 2016 (09:14 am)

I scanned the most recent Megamix, so I thought I'd share the scans here.

It's been pretty quiet here lately, but I hope there are still some of you interested.

pudding (1)
Front cover.So Cute! Click for fullsize image. The rest under the cut.

Be warned: lots of graphic sex underneath. Also, the first few pages are sweet, almost fluffy, Eiri/Shuichi smut, but the later part of it does contain rape. I'll give a warning before it gets to that part so whether you read it or not is up to your discretion.
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Download link

sailorspazz [userpic]
Shindou Family Circumstances, chapter 7 summary
by sailorspazz (sailorspazz)
at August 28th, 2015 (03:05 pm)

Well, it seems we've reached the end, unfortunately. Though it felt to me like this series was just getting started, it's listed as being the final chapter :( I guess the good news is that there's just about enough pages for a regular length tankoubon, so hopefully one will be released and we can all show our support and buy this lovely series, showing Murakami that we want MORE. I know she's working on a doujinshi right now, so obviously she hasn't given up on Gravitation yet (20 years after starting it!).

So for the final time, you can check it out on tumblr, Photobucket, or click on the cut below:

*gross sobbing in place of stupid pun*Collapse )

I'm not ready for this to be over :( I recently started working on a fanfic for this series, and though I worried about writing something for an unfinished series in case contradictions came up later, I certainly didn't want it to suddenly finish! I wanted more Eiri and Riku interactions...it seems things are just starting to improve between them, so there's still a lot to explore in that relationship. Also curious if anything came from Riku's unintended confession, or if he just avoided her until she graduated.

And Ai-nyan and Segu-tan...too fucking cute, though if this Aizawa turns out like that Aizawa, I'll kill him myself. Don't you dare hurt that precious bishounen. Or else.

Well, I hope you've all enjoyed following along with this tragically short spinoff. It seems it was originally planned to be just a oneshot, so I guess we should be grateful we at least got more than that. I really hope Murakami will choose to give us glimpses of this story again in the future (would not be surprised if a future doujinshi has a short aside with some MichaelxRiku action ^_^)

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