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sailorspazz [userpic]
Shindouke no Jijou
by sailorspazz (sailorspazz)
at May 29th, 2015 (12:34 am)

Sooooo, I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything around here (or been on LiveJournal at all, really), but I've recently been sucked back into the gravitational pull of this fandom! Now I'm all amped up about the new spinoff Murakami is making, but having trouble finding the chapters. Earlier today, I found that Birz (the company that published the manga) has some of the chapters posted on their website...for free! Here's a link: http://denshi-birz.com/shindouke-no-jijou/
The problem is that, though it seems they're keeping the first chapter up permanently, they only keep the new chapters up for a set amount of time, so right now they have chapters 1, 4, and 5. So I'm wondering, has anyone has seen chapters 2 or 3 anywhere? It's just so hard to find any information about this new series, I feel like I've hit a dead end! Hopefully they'll at least put out a tankoubon sometime so I have the hope of reading the missing chapters in the future ^_^

KusoGaki [userpic]
Towel Day!
by KusoGaki (teh_kusogaki)
at May 25th, 2015 (01:56 pm)
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002 sfx

Hey there ^_^

Just popping in to share this coloration of Eiri Yuki I did for International Towel Day.

Hopes you likes.

ayuzu [userpic]
Some gravitation stuff...
by ayuzu (ayuzu)
at April 29th, 2015 (07:22 pm)

Well I'm here after a long time, I was searching for news about Gravitation and spin off. I only got this.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

We have This is Gravitation Part.2, they look so cute ;-;

And this is Yuki going to Riku's school? I only can Imagine Yuki being a literature teacher, ok no... but what's his reason to go there?

by ni_kawatte (ni_kawatte)
at March 30th, 2015 (02:14 pm)

middernight did some great work with Sakana translations, so I thought I'd add to it. Because the shit Yuki is saying is both hilarious and WTFtastic.

(By the way, "sakatte" is "sakaru" which is "to copulate (animals)". So: fucking! Or rutting.)

The same manga link and down in the comments, you'll see my earlier translation. The one I'm posting now is edited more. By the way, if anyone wanted to properly scanlate this, I’d be happy to help out more.

i can"t believe yuki having mpreg sex fantasies is realCollapse )

burning_moon117 [userpic]
by burning_moon117 (burning_moon117)
at March 6th, 2015 (11:23 am)

I'm looking for a fic that was on gurabiteshiyon.net. Basically, Shuichi had caught Yuki cheating on him (but really it was Tatsuha, which was found out later). So Shuichi sort of went off the deep end, drugs, drinking, etc. Then Shuichi and Yuki were trying to work things out, and Suguru and Hiroki were having a threesome with an ex of Shuichi. Anyone know who the author was, or if this fic is somewhere else online? TIA

Rabbit [userpic]
Fic ~ Get Over It
by Rabbit (thepinkrabbit)
at March 5th, 2015 (04:22 pm)

current mood: naughty

title: Get Over It
author: thepinkrabbit
rating: R
warnings: Nah
words: 500+
summary: Shuichi totally gets over it!
notes: I found this buried deep in my inbox, and for some reason I never posted it. I must've forgotten it existed.
disclaimer: Anything related to Gravitation is not mine, don't sue.

Follow the fake cut...

KusoGaki [userpic]
Also, Happy (Late) Valentine's Day
by KusoGaki (thedamnbrat)
at February 19th, 2015 (03:00 pm)

click to unwrap your slightly nsfw-ish present ^_~Collapse )

KusoGaki [userpic]
Colored OVA Bonus Tracks
by KusoGaki (thedamnbrat)
at February 19th, 2015 (02:52 pm)

Anybody remember the awesome, bestest thing ever Gravitation ova bonus tracks?

Y'know, the ones about Shuichi trying to top for once?

Yeah, well I decided to color them ^_^

Here's a preview:

preview 1

preview 2

preview 3

Full chapter @ my journal

Enjoy ^_^

Shippou-chan [userpic]
Page from Shindou Family Circumstances
by Shippou-chan (shippoudaemon)
at January 21st, 2015 (10:26 pm)

I've been meaning to start work on this scanlation forever, but research has been kicking my ass lately. Either way, I've been a bad boy. -_-

But this page was too adorable not to translate and share real quick. Enjoy! :D

See the page!Collapse )

KusoGaki [userpic]
Happy Xmas!
by KusoGaki (teh_kusogaki)
at December 25th, 2014 (08:51 pm)

Well, since I've already shared this on tumblr, I might as well share it here with all you lovely people:

Come sit on Santa"s lap.Collapse )

Merry Christmas ^_^

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