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fani_chan [userpic]
Shinto ke no Jijou
by fani_chan (fani_chan)
at December 14th, 2014 (09:23 am)

A wonderful person have uploaded the one-shot: Shinto-ke no Jijou =D
Here is the tumblr page:

Shuichi is so tiny, cute and beautiful!!

ayuzu [userpic]
About Shindou-ke no Jijou
by ayuzu (ayuzu)
at November 23rd, 2014 (10:43 am)

Hi everyone! I was searching for the raws of "Shindou-ke no Jijou " Gravitation's spin off
I only found some pictures -spoilers if that could be...-

Look that cutie Shuichi


Shuichi's a waifu -nothing to say-

Look Yuki being a "father" *I can't*
Eiri plz

If anyone knows where I can read the raws plz tell me!!

Tama-chan ♥ [userpic]
Eiri nanowrimo icon
by Tama-chan ♥ (moonchild10)
at October 31st, 2014 (02:06 pm)

Sharing this for free use in case anyone happens to be writing a Gravi fanfic for NaNo- or if they just want Eiri adorning their profile regardless of what they're writing.

(also obligatory link to my NaNo profile because you can never have too many NaNo friends)

Still Naive, Not Photogenic [userpic]
by Still Naive, Not Photogenic (sliefoxx)
at October 25th, 2014 (04:51 pm)

Hello. It's been a while.

I was wondering if there's been any word about the status of gurabiteshiyon.net? I know the site's gone down before but this seem rather sudden and unannounced.

Kisara Fox [userpic]
by Kisara Fox (Kisara Fox)
at July 29th, 2014 (11:24 pm)

Been wondering for the past few weeks now how to stop posting to communities x.x I don't want to spam other places with my lame posts...any advise? Lol

彡☆ [userpic]
Fanfic: Take My Picture
by 彡☆ (tewki)
at July 30th, 2014 (01:43 am)

Title: Take My Picture
Paring: Eiri/Shuichi
Rating: PG-13 to R
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 1/2
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine except from the plot.
Summary: Eiri Yuki finds himself forced to do a rather uncomfortable photo-shoot

( Take My Picture, part 1 )

A/N: Second Gravitation fan fiction! I hope some of you Gravi-fans like it!

馬鹿やろー女 // バカヤロー女 [userpic]
Writing Help
by 馬鹿やろー女 // バカヤロー女 (bakayaro_onna)
at July 16th, 2014 (08:37 am)

middernight [userpic]
Gravitation Megamix Sakana. A rough translation
by middernight (middernight)
at June 29th, 2014 (08:58 pm)

Here is a link to Megamix Sakana scans:


And here is my translation:

[Click to read translation]One night at an izakaya (japanese bar/restaurant).

Hiro: Aaaaaaaargh! I... even though I was so careful... phone... I... I forgot my cell phone at NG!!!!

Fujisaki: ....... I did not forget mine.

Hiro: Noooo! I don't want to go get it from theeeere! But I need it to text Ayaka chan!

Fujisaki: I'm... not going back there...

Hiro returns to NG to retreive his phone. He looks at the building.

Hiro: Haa... Shuichi has already gone home, right...? No one is inside, right...?

Hiro goes in and sees Riku.

Hiro: Oh! If it isn't Riku. What's up? Why are you here alone?

Riku: ...I came with Yuki to pick up mom...

Hiro looks distressed.

Hiro: Is that so? You came with your papa, huh? So Shuichi is still...

Riku: Yuki told me to wait in the car... but... I was bored so I came to get mom as well.

We switch over to the scene where Yuki and Shuichi kiss.

Shuichi: Ngh... Yuki... don't...

Yuki gives Shuichi's tongue a slight nibble.

Shuichi: I said... no...

Yuki grabs Shuichi's tongue with his hand.

Yuki: To what? No to what?

Close up on Shuichi's face.

Yuki: Your whole body has gone limb by just a kiss.

Shuichi: That's not...

Yuki: You're already hard.

Yuki's hand gets closer to Shuichi's butt while Shuichi tries to keep on his pants.

Yuki: And you have goosebumps all over. So to what?

Yuki licks Shuichi.

Yuki: No to what, Shuichi kun?

Shuichi waves his arms to fend Yuki off.

Shuichi: NO! Do you get where we are, Yuki?!!!

Yuki: I know, I know.

Shuichi: No matter if we are at the studio or any other inappropriate place, why do you never care?!!!

Yuki looks stoned and replies "moeru", which could either mean burn or sprout. My guess is that he's reffering to having a high sex drive?

Shuichi holds his nose.

Shuichi: ... you... have you been drinking?

Yuki shakes his head in an innocent manner.

Yuki: Nuh-uh.

Shuichi: Liar! You smell of booze! Your face may not show it but alcohol is evaporating from your body!

Yuki: Haa? What did ya say?

Yuki throws Shuichi to the floor.

Yuki: Quit your "no, no" yabberin'.

He puts his glasses on Shuichi and start talking like a drunk so I'm just guessing what he says here.

Yuki: The almighty me ain't drunk. So that's why we can do it.

Yuki starts molesting Shuichi again.

Shuichi: I... I said... stop... ahh... ahh...

Shuichi claps his hand over his mouth and stops moaning.

Shuichi thinks: Right now there is only me on this floor... at least as long as Hiro and Fujisaki have gone home. Then there is...

As Yuki licks Shuichi's ear Shuichi seems to loose it for a second but regains his composure when Yuki's hand wanders into his pants.

Shuichi: Gh.... damn it. This isn't good... -ki.

Yuki's finger enters Shuichi.

Shuichi: G...good~ (the feeling)

Yuki refers to Shuichi as a toilet hole and of course they have their usual sex conversation. Shuichi saying how it feels good but is wrong and Yuki reminding Shuichi of it feeling good.
We skip to the panel where Shuichi looks down at Yuki's fingers entering him.

Shuichi: Yuki, seriously stop. Don't put in three fingers. If you stretch me... don't prepare me. I said to take them out. Definately don't stretch me.

Yuki: That's a concern. If the idol starts leaking here, it wouldn't be good, huh?

Shuichi looks trembling and drooling at Yuki again.

Shuichi: It wouldn't, so... if you're going to do it then put it in already.

Yuki pulls out his fingers.

Yuki: Hm... I want to put it in but... maybe just a little longer. (>_<)

Yuki puts his fingers into Shuichi's mouth.

Yuki: A little snack before getting to the good stuff.

Yuki takes off his jacket and Shuichi unbuckles his pants.

Yuki: Ain't this nice? This sure brings back memories. I wonder if Susukino onee-chan is doing okay.

("Onee-chan" means big sister and can be used ny non relatives as well.)
Yuki smirks down at Shuichi.

Yuki: Hey, hey! Don't use your hands. You're a pro, right onee-chan?

While Shuichi gives Yuki a blowjob Yuki says stuff I don't get. Generally Yuki is messing around with Shuichi.
After the blowjob Yuki pulls Shuichi's underwear aside.

Yuki: Now then. To the part we waited for.

Shuichi: Wai... let's use a condom.

Yuki: Hm? Why?

Shuichi: Why? To not dirty everything down.

Yuki: And what of it?

Yuki is about to penetrate Shuichi.

Shuichi: S...slowly.

Yuki: I'm going in now.

Shuichi: Aaaaah! No!

Yuki: I'm not in yet.

Yuki penetrates Shuichi.

Shuichi: Aa... AH!

Yuki: There, now I'm in.

Yuki smirks at Shuichi and comments how Shuichi seems to be at the verge of coming. He's right as Shuichi has an orgasm in the next panel.

Yuki: A lot came out. Wasn't my intention though.

Shuichi: Shut... up. Yuki... why you... I'll remember this...

Yuki keeps pounding into him.

Shuichi: Ah! Ngh... n... no...no...

We see the panel where Yuki crouches over Shuichi who is grasping his own hair.

Yuki: Why not? Doesn't homo sex feel good?

Shuichi: Nuh! Id's no good. Doin' it at such a place...

Yuki continues pounding into him.

Shuichi: Uwaaaa! I said not theeeerrr!

Yuki: Oh? Here?

Shuichi: Yugi's dick~! Id's big, stoopid!

And they keep on saying stuff like that. Yuki comes and pulls out. He then turns Shuichi around, getting ready to enter Shuichi again.

Shuichi: D...damn it Yuki... I won't forgive you... Doing it two times.

Yuki enters Shuichi again and we come to a panel where Shuichi looks flustered down at Yuki penetrating him. Shuichi's eyes are wide open.

Shuichi: Wai... What is this? Big... hard...

Shuichi thinks: Why am I getting this excited? I'm such an idiot!!!

We see a panel of Yuki's face but his eyes aren't visible. Not absolutely sure what he says but this is how I interpret it.

Yuki: It's a real mystery, ey? My reproduction instinct. Being so passionate about an act that won't pass on my genes.

Shuichi: Shuddup Yuki... Die... you drunk...

Shuichi then says "Sakatte...". I have no idea what that is supposed to be and Yuki doesn't seem to know either.
In the next panel we see Yuki and Shuichi from up above. Shuichi is grasping the wall behind him with one hand while squeezing his eyes shut.

Yuki: "Sakatte..." what?

Shuichi: Sa... saka... ah! Ahh...

Yuki: If you only say "Ah, ahh" I won't get what you're saying.

Shuichi: Not so deep, I'll dieee~ ("sakatte" probably referred to the japanese word for "deep")

Yuki: Really now, you're so overdramatic.

In the next panel Yuki bends down to Shuichi's ear.

Yuki: Well... that's cute.

Yuki smiles at Shuichi.

Yuki: That's why I go so deep. Surely, that's also a way of saying "I love you."

In the next panel we see the lovers from an angel where we see the top of their heads. The text written across is what Shuchi thinks out loud.

Shuichi: That's definately a lie.

Yuki starts moving again, making Shuichi throw his head back in pleasure. Yuki teases Shuichi a little.
We see the panel where Shuichi looks down at Yuki entering him.

Shuichi: Trem... I'm trembling... No...

Yuki: Is that so? Cute Shuichi kun.

Yuki bends down to kiss Shuichi.

Shuichi: L... liar...

Yuki: Cute, cute.

Shuichi thinks: I don't really get it but... him saying that in that erotic voice, putting his all into it...

We're back to Shuichi telling Yuki to stop and Yuki teasing him, while they have sex. At one point Shuichi says something different.

Shuichi: I'm coming!

Yuki: Wasn't it "no"? Where is this again?

Shuichi: I... I don't know... I've already...

And now there comes a part I'm a bit confused about. My guess is that Shuichi is just messing around. Shuichi is referring to pregnancy...
We come to a panel where we see Shuichi sitting on Yuki and they have a moments break from their activities. Shuichi talk with hearts in his text bubbles.

Yuki: Really?

Shuichi: Y... yeah <3

Yuki: You really just said you became pregnant in the ass?

Shuichi: I did <3

Shuichi continues screaming that he did while they continue having sex.

Yuki: Is that so? It'd be nice if it became a girl version of me.

Shuichi: No!

Yuki: Become a girl!

Shuichi: NO! It'll come out! It'll be born!

Yuki grabs Shuichi and hugs him.

Yuki: Go ahead. My cute Shuichi. Give birth.

Yuki pulls out of Shuichi. They kiss and fluids comes out of Shuichi's butt.
Yuki pulls on Shuichi's butthole.

Yuki: So did you properly give birth? Let's take a look.

Shuichi lays sprawled on top of Yuki who pulls on Shuichi's butt who pees on the wall.

Yuki: Huh? Pee as well? That's an idol's service for you.

On the other side of the glass wall we see Hiro and Riku staring at the lovers. Hiro faints.
The scene switches over to the NG team.

Sakano: W...Welcome back...

K: Well... let's drink, Hiro.

Fujisaki: Uhm... did you find your phone?

Hiro: Y...yeah...

Fujisaski looks at Riku.

Fujisaki: Huh? Is that kid Shindou's?

Hiro: Yes. I thought I'd bring him along...

We see Riku looking amazed and the text next to him saying: The next generation.

We switch over to Yuki and Shuichi again. Yuki has cleaned everything.

Yuki: Done! Maybe I overdid it with the cleaning.

Shuichi is sleeping and Yuki looks down at him.

Yuki: ... how rude...

Yuki brushes Shuichi's hair out of his face.

Yuki: "That's definately a lie", huh?

We see an extra scene with Riku and Michael. Michael is pestering Riku, calling out his name.

Riku: Michael! You can't fill me up yet! (He's referring to the "birth" kink)

Riku says that he won't do anything while they are still in Kindergarten.
Michael tries to convince him.

Michael: No way! I'm gonna kiss you!

Riku says something about his parents' buttsex and Shuichi goes into a rage.

Shuichi: YUKI!!!

In the last panel we see an older Riku and Michael.

Michael: Riku, we're in middle school. It's fine now, right?

Riku: Can you fill me up?

Sakuma Ryuichi [userpic]
by Sakuma Ryuichi (isparkle4meandu)
at June 28th, 2014 (11:02 pm)

current location: In front of the laptop
current mood: confused
current song: Kaze Moyou by matrica

Did Gurabite crash or was it taken offline?  I'm getting an error message when i try to go to it.


middernight [userpic]
Gravitation Megamix Ushi. A rough translation
by middernight (middernight)
at June 25th, 2014 (08:13 pm)

Here it is folks! I did my best to translate Megamix Ushi. I might have misunderstood some things and I left some text out but I think I was able to translate the most important parts.
If I find some more time, I will probably try to translate some of the sakana doujinshi too.

Here you can read Megamix Ushi scans online:


And here is my translation. Enjoy!

[Click here to read the translation]

It starts off with Shuichi thinking about their first time. It's been one week since then and he nervously wonders when they will do it again.
Yuki steps in.

Yuki: Haah... I'm exhausted. I want to eat some cake.
Shuichi: Ah...Oh! Are you done with your work, Yuki?
Yuki: I'm not done but it's enough for today.
Shuichi: Is... Is that so? Then... I guess we'll do it soon...
Yuki: It? Oh, you mean sex?
Shuichi: N-No!!! That was my inner voice that slipped out!
Yuki: Oy, your phone is ringing.

Shuichi looks at his phone.

Shuichi: It's from my mom. They've arrived at their hotel. She says hi to you.
Yuki: Okinawa was it? You should have gone with them.
Shuichi: Huh? It's fine. I didn't feel like going.
Yuki: Having a second "first night" with your boyfriend was more important, huh?

Shuichi looks flustered.

Yuki: Don't deny it.
Shuichi: Shut up! "Second first night" isn't even correct japanese!
Yuki: Whatever. Hurry up and get into the bathtub.

Shuichi is in the bathtub.

Shuichi thinks: *sigh* What kind of flirting is this? Damn it. He looks so good but in the end he really is a guy... It'd be better if we just stopped this or if I got myself a girlfriend instead. I wonder if I could tell mom that I've turned out to be gay. What will I do about it in the future? ...The future... I'm so happy right now but maybe it's impossible to keep this up in the long run. But still... I... about this person... I really...

We switch over to the bedroom, where Yuki is sucking Shuichi's nipples.

Shuichi: Hey... how long will you do that to only my chest?

Shuichi takes a moment to enjoy it until he grabs Yuki's head.

Shuichi: That's... Stop doing that to my breast already, Yuki!
Yuki: I guess you really are sensitive there.
Shuichi: I... I'm not!
Yuki: Would you be able to come by me just touching your breast?
Shuichi: Stop...it already! Ngh! Jerk!

Yuki continues harrassing Shuichi's nipples, while groping his ass. Shuichi thinks: I don't really get this person... But he's already gotten me this far...
Shuichi continues to think that even though he is ticklish, Yuki is making him feel something beyond that. He is impressed by Yuki's skills. Shuichi throws his head back he grabs the sheets. He is moaning loudly. In the next panel we see a close up of Yuki's face.

Yuki: That sure was a loud voice you made. Should I make your hips quiver again? By touching you here?

Shuichi is thinking: Damn it! He's got me figured out!

They are talking dirty I guess until Shuichi has enough. We see a panel where he is kind of crying while yelling at Yuki to stop teasing him and that they should have proper sex already.
Yuki starts digging around in Shuichi's ass, making Shuichi throw his head back again. They talk dirty like always and Yuki finally enters Shuichi. Sorry, I don't really get everything they are saying and to be honest, I don't think they say anything important either way. They say stuff like: "I'm coming" or "You sure are full of energy". You get the idea.
In the end Shuichi just lays there, his eyes covered by his bangs and his arm over his pillow behind his head.

Yuki: Oy. Shui...

He grabs Shuichi's face to look at him but Shuichi doesn't seem to respond.

Yuki: Again, huh? He sure is easy to loose.

Yuki smirks.

Yuki: Well, not that it's a bad thing.

Yuki keeps going. Not sure what they say or think here so let's skip to when they sit in the bathtub again.

Shuichi: Hey, it doesn't bother you that I'm just like a kid, right? Because I'm no fun at all...
Yuki: Hn? Not really. You're my lover so wouldn't it be weird if I thought like that?

Shuichi thinks: Somehow those words make me really happy...

Shuichi: Is... that so? That's good, then...

Yuki starts grabbing Shuichi again.

Shuichi: Are you serious?
Yuki: It's fun~
Shuichi: Pervert! Damn homo! Die, you nipple man!

Shuichi secretly thinks: To be honest, I'm kind of starting to get in the mood again.

Yuki: You're starting to get in the mood, aren't you?

In the next panel Yuki is already pulling out of Shuichi.

Yuki: Who did you say is a damn homo?
Shuichi: I...I am~ <3

Shuichi is thinking something about how they continued having sex countless times.

The next scene is in school. Shuichi is thinking: We did it too much...
Hiro appears!

Hiro: Shuichi, are you leaving early today?
Shuichi: Huh? What are you saying, Hiro?
Hiro: You don't look too good. You want me to call your folks? Oh, wait! Your parents aren't home right now, are they? They are on a vacation.

Shuichi smiles up at him.

Shuichi: It's nothing. I feel fine!

Hiro doesn't seem to believe him though and Shuichi just laughs nervously. Hiro grabs his hands and messes around.

Shuichi: Waah! Kyaaah! Stop iiiit!

Hiro stops and looks worried.

Hiro: You.. are you really alright? Does it hurt somewhere?
Shuichi: Haha! Uhm...

Shuichi thinks: That's because my uniform scratches against "that" whenever I move.

My guess is that they did it so much that Shuichi is hurting from it. Even just moving and his uniform touching sore places hurt. Shuichi starts crying and thinks to himself: As if I could tell anyone about that...

Hiro: Shuichi!? Hey! You're not fine at all! Let's go to the infirmary! Should I call an ambulance!?
Shuichi: I'm alright...

Shuichi is wondering how long he can keep this up.
In the next scene Shuichi is sleeping in the infirmary. Someone enters the room and touches his face. Shuichi thinks it's a nice smell and wakes up to see Yuki bent over him.

Yuki: Hiro called me from your cell phone. He said you weren't feeling well and asked me to pick you up. He was really worried about you. Seems like you got yourself a good friend, huh?

Yuki pulls up Shuichi's shirt and strokes his chest.

Yuki: Talking about you not feeling well; this is the price you pay for being so sensitive.

Shuichi gives him a halfhearted glare.
Now comes a part I'm really not sure about.
Yuki says something like, that he'd be a bad old man in the eyes of the public authorities and that the correct answer would be that he just came to take Shuichi home.

Shuichi: ... But... it's already happened... in the morning buss. I was touched a lot...

I think he's referring to masturbation.
Yuki gives him a catlike smirk.

Yuki: Oh, you were touched a lot?
Shuichi: Countless times. But come to think of it, you do it even more, right...
Yuki: Oh?

Yuki snickers before kissing Shuichi. I guess they were joking around? Yuki says something about assisting with the touching.
They kiss again and Shuichi thinks: This smell is Yuki Eiri's smell.

Shuichi: Wai... Yuki... wait...

Shuichi thinks: I've come to the point where I'm even in love with this persons smell.
In the next panel Shuichi is drawn like a chibi (baby style). He looks excited at Yuki and thinks: Will... will we do it here...!? <3
But when Yuki touches Shuichi's erection Shuichi thinks: Wait! That'd be bad! No! I shouldn't react to this!

Yuki: Since it's my fault, you ended up like this, I should take responsibility.

He dives down at Shuichi, who tries to fend him off.

Shuichi: That's okay! You don't have to! D... Don't take off my pants, Yuki! This is my school! Aren't you an adult?! Hey! Old man!

Yuki inserts a finger in Shuichi and licks his nipple.

Shuichi: Hey! This is bad! What time is it... At three o'clock... N... No... We'll be discovered by the nurse...

Shuichi thinks: This is bad... I'm really starting to feel aroused.
He continues telling Yuki to stop but his protests grow weaker and weaker.
Yuki licks and pinches Shuichi's nipples.

Yuki: Though it doesn't feel good your nipples sure react.
Shuichi: Uwaaaa! It feels good! That's baaaad! <3
Yuki: Where does it feel good?
Shuichi: Stop it already... <3
Yuki: Here?
Shuichi: Ohhh.... my ass too... ohhh... this is baaad... ah... <3

Yuki pleasures Shuichi's ass with his fingers and continues licking his nipples. Yuki looks up at Shuichi.

Yuki: What time is now? Two o'clock? Everyone is in the middle of studying, while Shuichi kun is having "bad" sex.
Shuichi: That is... I don't want to be caught by a teacher... please...

Yuki is about to kiss Shuichi.

Yuki: No one will come in here. It's ok.
Shuichi: Are you... really going to use it?

He's probably referring to Yuki's dick.

Yuki: Yeah. I'll make you come slowly.
Shuichi: Hey... wai...
Yuki: Don't cry out.

Yuki enters Shuichi. Shuichi thinks: What am I doing? I've become an idiot.
They continue talking dirty. Shuichi keeps protesting half heartedly and Yuki says stuff like: But your body reacts so nicely.
Shuichi comes.

Shuichi: I'm... a pervert... I'm way too perverted... <3
Yuki: That's ok. I'm a pervert too. And this perverted monk will start digging around your ass some more. Because I'm making you mine.

We see the window and people outside.
Shuichi thinks something like: On the other side of that curtain my everyday life continues while in here, this person is making me his.
They keep on having sex and having sex talk. At one point Yuki buries his mouth in Shuichi's neck.

Yuki: Becoming mine... are you really sure about that?
Shuichi: Y... Yeah...

We come to the last sex panel where Yuki has pulled out and Shuichi is a mess in the bed. Shuichi thinks: What should I do? I'm so incredibly happy...

In the next scene Yuki stands by the window and Hiro is knocking on the door.

Yuki: Yes.
Hiro: Uhm... Yuki san? Oh, it's open.

Hiro opens the door.

Hiro: Sorry to bother you. Is Shuichi still sleeping?
Yuki: Oh, Hiro kun. So you came, huh? You're a nice kid. I bet you're popular.
Hiro: Huh...? Uh... about Shuichi...

Hiro sees Shuichi.

Hiro: Oh, you're awake? How are you feeling?

Hiro tugs at Shuichi's blanket.

Shuichi: Hir... Hiro! Don't touch me!! Don't get close...
Hiro: S... Sorry.
Shuichi: I have a cold! So... I don't want you to get sick too.

Yuki confirms Shuichi's story to Hiro and asks Hiro to tell the teacher that Shuichi will be going home early. Shuichi blushes.

Shuichi: Also... earlier... the sheets got dirty so I'll return them, once I've cleaned them.
Hiro: Dirty? Did you vomit? Are you really okay? Do you have a fever?

Yuki steps between them and thanks Hiro for having called him. Yuki gives Hiro keys and asks him to return them to a girl called Aika.

Hiro: Uhm... do you mean our nurse?
Yuki: Probably her, yeah.
Hiro: Why do you have the keys to the infirmary?

Yuki smirks at Hiro.

Yuki: Give her my thanks for lending the keys to me.

Shuichi thinks stuff like: And like in a shoujo manga he swept me up in his arms. I just wanted to squeal like a girl when looking at his face. While seeing the world from a 180 cm perspective, everything leaked out of me from under the autumn wind.

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